Mamie Nova

The Mamie Nova brand is associated with tradition and firmly rooted in the Great West region of France - in Brittany and Normandy.

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Gourmet products

Mamie Nova is famous for its Gourmand® yoghurts and desserts, a complete range combining traditional and original flavours for a unique taste experience.

Mamie Nova also has a vast range of sweet and savoury yoghurts and fromage blanc, milk-based and patisserie desserts and creamy fondants. A range dedicated to authentic indulgent treats for food-lovers!

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Mamie Nova, a few figures:


Market leader in the premium fruit yoghurt sector


Market leader in the set yoghurt sector


pots sold every minute

A shared brand

The Mamie Nova character was created in the 1950s by seven milk cooperatives including Coopérative Even, a shareholder in Laïta.

70 years on, Laïta is still part of this iconic brand’s adventure, marketing Mamie Nova products in Historic Brittany in collaboration with the Groupe Andros, the co-owners of Mamie Nova who operate the entire production and distribution process in the rest of France.

And also

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Laïta has its own brands (Paysan Breton, Even and Laiterie de Ploudaniel) and other brands that it owns jointly with partners (Mamie Nova and Régilait)

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