Responsible driving

Reducing our fuel consumption.

Reducing our carbon footprint on the roads

over 100

number of trucks

54 months

projected average age of trucks in 2020 in a 5-year programme to lower their age (previously 60 months)

48 months

target age of trucks by the end of 2023

Reducing our fuel consumption

Our fuel saving programme also enabled us to reduce fuel consumption from 50 litres per 100km in 2018 to 48 litres per 100km in 2020. Investments are ongoing to achieve a consumption level of 43 litres per 100km by 2023.

Although our fuel consumption continues to fall, it may still appear high compared to the rate for long-distance transportation which averages 38 litres per 100km. The difference is in the numerous short trips we make between farms to make collections, the manœuvres to be carried out at each farm and, for trucks with a hydraulic tank, having to leave the engine running while the milk is being pumped.

Training and information

Our 200 drivers receive regular monthly updates from the Collection and Transport department on the evolution of the overall fuel consumption for the site they are attached to. We use these monthly updates to raise awareness to issues of safety and courtesy on the road and at farms.

Committed and passionate

All about our approach #committed

Because our environmental, human and social commitment is a daily reality, we place CSR at the heart of our actions.