Milk producers are aware of the issues and are concerned about them

The cooperative members’ upstream teams support our milk producers to improve their environmental footprint with precision farming and reinforce the link between land and animals. Perrine explains the work she does on a daily basis to help our farmers operate sustainably.

A passion put at the service of farmers

Perrine, Milk Technician, Even Cooperative, Ploudaniel (29)

"After working on the family farm for a number of years, I‘ve now put my passion for dairy farming at the service of other farmers. Since 2019 I’ve been a milk technician at the Morlaix facility (29). I liaise between the cooperative and around a hundred member farmers whom I support in controlling the quality of their milk production. I also work with my colleagues to assess the positioning of the farms on the Passion du Lait® Good Breeding Practice Chart using the new Boviwell diagnostic tool for animal welfare, and carry out audits for the NF V01-007 certification and the CAP’2ER® level 1 diagnostic, which measures the carbon footprint of the farms. These audits form the basis for customised action plans that we draw up for the farms, in order to improve the comfort of their animals, improve pain management, achieve energy savings, etc."

Supporting the sustainable performance of breeders

"Farmers are concerned about animal welfare and environmental issues. We help them to do more by providing finance from the Even CSR fund, which supports responsible practice, and by using new technologies such as GénoCellules® for precise milk quality control. Passion du Lait® has evolved in 2023; by taking action voluntarily farmers can now achieve a higher level, known as Champ 3, which incorporates the good breeding practice chart, Boviwell and CAP’2ER level 2, amongst other things. By making these commitments, the farmers benefit from technical support and bonuses to further improve their sustainability score."

With the customised action plans drawn up as a result of various audits we identify levers for progress at individual farms.


Milk Technician, Even Cooperative, Ploudaniel (29)

Committed and passionate

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Because our environmental, human and social commitment is a daily reality, we place CSR at the heart of our actions.